The reasons one may seek Sex therapy are many. Whether you are an individual looking to explore issues such as sexual addiction or dysfunction, or a couple wishing to improve intimacy, one of our Expert therapists can help. The time for action is today.


Edmonton Sex Therapist & Sexual Therapy

If you're having problems in your sex life, you may want to consider getting professional help from one of our certified Edmonton Sex therapists. Our counsellors our trained specialists who have undertaken specific training in the physical and psychological issues that are associated with sexual functioning.

Who goes to a Sex Therapist?

There truly is no specific 'type' of person who sees a sex therapist. No matter your Age, Religion, Gender, Social Status, or Sexual orientation, the reality is that sexual problems affect pretty much everyone at some stage in their life. In some cases, these problems resolve themselves over time. However, for many others, it may be very valuble to seek the help of an experienced professional.

What Can I expect?

Our Sex therapists will discuss the problem with you, and can help you identify if the cause is physical, psychological or a combination of the two. If you're in a relationship, we'll also explore if there are any unresolved issues or anxieties that may be significant.

In the end, we will put together an individualized plan for you (and possibly your partner) designed for results. This plan is designed to help you grow in areas such as self-awareness, sexual knowledge and sexual skills. Additionally, we will help to 'fine tune' your body and mind to respond more naturally to sensual and sexual stimulation - ultimately overcoming your specific problem.

Why See one of our Counsellors?

- Our highly trained team of counsellors is headed by Edmonton’s only certified sex therapist.

- Extensive experience with all areas of sexuality and therapy including Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Trans-gender, Trans-sexual, Fetishes, Philias, Sexual offending behavior, Sexual education and Sexual addictions.

- Prompt, Quality, and Effective counselling services. We design a treatment strategy that's right for you.

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Specialist Spotlight:
Melodie Sanford
Melodie Sanford

- M.A., Registered Psychologist
- Gay & Lesbian Issues
- Sexuality
- Relationship & Marital Counselling
- Provisional Sex Therapist
- Sexual Abuse/Sexual Assault

Melodie is a Masters level professional with outstanding academic training and quality clinical experience providing direct psychotherapy treatment services to individuals, couples, and families...

More On Melodie

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