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Sexual Inexperience

Sexual Inexperience

Some people may be apprehensive about engaging in sexual intercourse if this is their first time. Sexual inexperience can be an embarrassing situation for some, for those who are older but have never had sex. However, this may not always be a bad thing.

Why sexual inexperience can be an advantage

Most people are surprised to find out that their partners find this a great thing because this allows you to explore many 'firsts' with your partner. Some partners may prefer someone who is willing to learn what satisfies them the most sexually, as opposed to someone who knows all the tricks but is not willing to satisfy his or her partner in the way the partner wants. Knowing nothing at all also makes you less prone to develop certain bad habits that can turn off your partner.

How to solve problems related to sexual inexperience

When it comes to sexual inexperience, the best thing to do would be to talk about it with your partner. You will find that most partners understand the anxieties that come with sexual inexperience and are more than willing to help you gain more experience as the two of you explore your relationship.

Tips to overcome sexual inexperience

Although there is no better teacher than experience, there are some things you can do to make sure that you satisfy your partner the best way you can. Read books, look at tapes, ask for advice, ask your partner what she likes, and do not be afraid to try it with him or her. There are many resources on the web, such as reputable sex therapists with helpful information on how you can satisfy your partner with little experience. In some cases, it may not always be about sex. There are sexual partners who get turned on knowing that you are ready to learn if they have something to teach.

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Specialist Spotlight:
Jason Jones
Jason Jones

- B.Sc.(hons), MC, Registered Psychologist, ASSECT certified Sex Therapist
- Jason specializes in male and couples sexuality issues, including desire issues, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, negotiating a healthy and balanced sex-life in a relationship, as well as general masculinity and couples counselling issues. Jason's undergraduate thesis was on male sexuality and addressed the issues confronting men both within society, individually, and in relationships...

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